February 2017 Pass Rates

Driving is an essential part of everyday living in New Zealand. Being licenced and able to drive brings many benefits, for example, enhanced employability and independence. It can, however, be both difficult and costly to obtain a licence.

Pass rates in February 2017 across the nation for the driving tests averaged 73% , 58% and 67% for the learner, restricted and full licence driving tests, respectively.

Well done to the ladies, who on all tests averaged higher pass rates than their male counterparts. For example, in February 77% of women who sat the learner licence test passed compared to 70% of males. Likewise, 71% of women who sat the full licence test passed compared to 65% of males. Come on fellas, you need to step up your game!

The stats also reveal that the younger you are, the more likely you are to pass. The 16-year-old age group had the highest pass rate at 84% and 64% for the learner and restricted driver licence tests, respectively. Similarly, the youngest age group, the 17 year olds, had the highest pass rate for the full licence test at 90%. What are your thoughts on why this could be happening?

These stats, however, do also mean that an average of 34% of kiwis failed their driver licence tests in February.  Though the stats on multiple fails are not published, we know that most drivers do not pass on the first attempt and some fail several times. Besides the financial cost of resitting a test, there are also time, emotional and psychological costs associated with failing.

One sure way to increase your chances of passing your restricted and full licence driving tests is to do a mock driving test with a driving instructor. Not only will you be better prepared to pass your driving test on the first go but you will also learn tips to be a safer driver. Find out more about doing a mock test.

What resources have you used and what have you done to secure a driving test pass?

Muneeb Chand