March 2017 Driving Test Pass Rates

Over the last few weeks there has been much discussion in the media about the importance of having a driver’s license. One suggestion to help our youth through the graduated driver licensing system is to introduce driver training programs into schools. People need to be work-ready and one aspect of this is to be able to get to work.

Driving test pass rates across the nation in March 2017 averaged 72%, 56% and 66% for the learner, restricted and full license driving tests, respectively. March stats represent a slight drop in the pass rates compared to the February stats. Specifically, the learner and full tests experienced a 1% decrease in the pass rate, whereas the restricted test experienced a 2% decrease.

This, of course, means that on average 34% of kiwis failed their driver license tests in March. We know that most drivers do not pass on the first attempt and that some fail several times. There are costs associated with re-sitting a test; financial, time, emotional and psychological. Our mission is to help all kiwis through the driver license process and therefore, we don’t want any kiwi to fail unnecessarily.  

One sure way to be better prepared for your restricted, full or overseas conversion practical driving test is to do a mock driving test with a driving instructor prior to your actual test. Not only will you be better prepared to pass your driving test on the first go but you will also learn tips to be a safer driver. Find out more about doing a mock test.

To finish on a positive note, well done to the ladies! On all tests, they averaged higher pass rates compared to male! The stats also reveal that the younger you are, the more likely you are to pass!

What resources have you used and what have you done to secure a driving test pass?